Rural Property Severance

Multiple lot severances

For this project, ZanderPlan:
  • Liaised with municipal staff;
  • Prepared technical drawings to illustrate the severed and retained lands, noting natural heritage features and taking into account setbacks from existing barns, entrance locations, etc.;
  • Prepared multiple lot severance applications;
  • Attended a land division hearing for the approval of the new lots;
  • Helped the property owner meet the conditions put forth for the project approval, including the coordination of a survey, the acquirement of necessary legal documents, etc;
  • Coordinated the supporting studies prepared by other professionals.

This picture depicts one of six lots created through the severance process in a small hamlet in Lanark County. Because it was in a settlement area, this rural property was eligible for multiple severances. The municipality required several supporting studies to endorse the proposal, including a storm water report, a hydrogeological evaluation and an environmental impact study.


Words from the landowner:
“A sincere thank you for your professional and knowledgeable assistance in getting us through our last severance applications and approvals. Little did we realize how complicated and challenging the process had become, especially when breaking new ground on multiple severances in a hamlet zone while avoiding the expense of a subdivision development. We were pleased not only with ZanderPlan’s efforts on the project but also with the other professionals you recommended for the necessary hydro G and environmental testing and reports. Even with the extra challenges of satisfying a very difficult situation with one of the governing organizations, we stayed very close to our budget on the project.”

— J.I., Perth