Grandfathering Boathouse Location

Waterfront minor variance

For this project, ZanderPlan:
  • Corresponded with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF);
  • Conducted a review of historical photos and statutory declarations to establish a 60+ year history to demonstrate the MNRF had no claim to the lands;
  • Liaised with municipal staff to apply legal non-conforming rights;
  • Conducted a review of Fisheries and Oceans Canada policies pertaining to reconstruction and the potential impact on fish habitats;
  • Prepared an application for a minor variance and site plan control approval;
  • Assisted with the execution of the site plan control agreement;
  • Represented clients at the required meetings with various agencies and ministries.

This large, two-storey boathouse, which features a spectacular view of the lake from its main living space on the second floor, involved a complete rebuild.

The project required multiple discussions with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) to allow the structure to enjoy its legal, non-conforming (grandfathered) rights and permit new construction on the original building’s footprint. ZanderPlan prepared a minor variance application to the municipality and a permit application to the local conservation authority to maintain the structure’s existing location along the shoreline.


Words from the landowner:
“We knew building a permanent home on our cottage property would not be without issues. Rules, regulations, red tape, approvals, meetings, site plans, surveys, inspections and so much more. ZanderPlan handled it all with knowledge and expertise, allowing us to focus on our new home. They did it all again, two years later when we rebuilt our boathouse. Thanks to Tracy and her team for helping the building process go so smoothly.”

— C.Q., Drummond/North Elmsley