Zoning By-law Amendments

What is a Zoning By-law Amendment?

A zoning by-law amendment is required when a property owner is intending to use his or her property for something other than what is currently permitted in the Zoning By-Law, or to obtain major deviations from zoning standards, (e.g. changing the R1 zoning on a property, which allows for single family homes, to R4 zoning, which would allow for a building that could accommodate multiple dwellings such as apartments).


ZanderPlan has a successful track record in securing zoning amendments of all scales.

Rural zoning amendment and site plan for an industrial project, which involved county and township approvals, a detailed planning rationale and multiple public meetings:
“Thank you for your excellent presentation and calming influence (at the meeting) tonight. You are a credit to your profession.”

— E.M., Smiths Falls