Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Representation

What is the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)?

The OMB is the Provincial tribunal where applications or appeals in the areas of land-use planning are brought for resolution. The OMB has a very wide area of jurisdiction, which includes decisions related to urban land planning, community growth, transportation, conservation and public services.

Why do you need OMB representation?

If any party disagrees with the decision of an approval authority on a planning application, or if a decision is not made on a planning application in a timely manner, then an appeal can be filed with the Ontario Municipal Board. The hearing process can be stressful and complicated. Working with an experienced, professional land-use planner to represent you and provide planning arguments in your case is your best chance for a successful outcome.

ZanderPlan’s primary goal is to resolve conflicts in an effort to avoid time-consuming and costly hearings; however, sometimes conflicts and appeals cannot be resolved and a hearing is necessary. We have been involved in numerous, successful, mediation sessions and have provided expert testimony at more than a dozen OMB hearings.

OMB Pre-hearings

Sometimes the OMB requests pre-hearings in order to establish responsibilities for the provision of documentation, timelines, questions, issues and preliminary case facts ahead of the main hearing. To make this technical and daunting process as smooth as possible for you, ZanderPlan’s land use consultants, along with associated legal experts and other professionals, will help you prepare in the most efficient and cost effective way for your case.

Planning Documents, Site Plans, Technical Drawings and Expert Reports

In order to present your case to the OMB, we will assess the merits of your case and either collate or draw up the necessary supporting documentation, liasing with other experts such as lawyers, municipal planners, engineers and biologists, as required.

OMB Decisions and Powers

The OMB is capable of overturning almost any planning decision made by an approval authority. Your dreams to build that new home or subdivide your land don’t have to disappear under a mountain of legal jargon and complex procedural hurdles. When an OMB hearing is necessary, we provide strong client representation and have a proven track record of achieving favourable outcomes on complex planning applications.

We have a proven track record in providing strong client representation at the OMB if necessary and often achieve favourable outcomes on complex planning applications.


Appeal against a residential development on an infill lot:
“Thanks for the very professional way you handled the OMB Hearing for my Appeal in Kemptville. Your clear and complete presentation made it easy for the Board to reach a quick and positive decision.”

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