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Why work with a professional land planning firm?

Professional land planners help with all stages of the property development process, from the completion of planning applications and professional scale drawings for planning permission (location plans, site plans), to representing clients at municipal meetings. If you need planning permission for change of use, are planning to erect an addition to the building, add a parking lot or convert from residential to commercial, working with a land planning consultant who understands the process and the many requirements of municipal governments and agencies such as the conservation authority, can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for your project.

The Planning, Permission, Consent and Approvals process

Professional planners understand the ins and outs of the planning process and have the connections to get you to the experts you need. We offer pre-application advice and consultation to help make the approvals process smoother. Our connections with municipal planning and building offices, as well as committees and councils throughout Eastern Ontario, will help you save time and eliminate some of the frustration you could encounter when trying to cut through the dreaded red tape on your own.

Land Use Projects

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This large, two-storey boathouse, which features a spectacular view of the lake from its main living space on the second floor, involved a complete rebuild. The project required multiple discussions with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) to allow the structure to enjoy its legal, non-conforming (grandfathered)…

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This picture depicts one of six lots created through the severance process in a small hamlet in Lanark County. Because it was in a settlement area, this rural property was eligible for multiple severances. The municipality required several supporting studies to endorse the proposal, including a storm water report, a hydrogeological evaluation and an environmental…

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This house, which includes a separate apartment, was built as an “infill” on a corner lot in the town of Perth, Ontario. ZanderPlan worked to obtain the necessary planning approvals to permit the new construction, including a zoning by-law amendment to allow for greater density, and site plan approval to allow for the creation of a wider…

Helping you cut through the red tape of planning applications!

We are land-use planning consultants, based in Perth, Ontario, who specialize in land planning applications, severances, minor variances, subdivision and condominium planning, aggregate resource planning, feasibility studies/planning rationales, Official Plan amendments and Ontario Municipal Board representation in Perth, Ontario.

Whether you are looking to purchase a parcel of land to build a new home, rebuild the lakeside family cottage, sever a property you already own, or even develop a subdivision, ZanderPlan is your first step in the process. We are a professional land-use planning firm that works with property owners, developers, real estate agents. lawyers and their clients to help make their building and redevelopment visions a reality. We are located in the beautiful Town of Perth in Lanark County and also serve clients in many other areas of Eastern Ontario including the counties of Renfrew, Leeds and Grenville, and the City of Ottawa.

Land Planning Services

ZanderPlan has established strong working relationships with key individuals and planning offices in all municipalities within Lanark County, and many of those in the counties of Renfrew, Leeds and Grenville, the City of Ottawa and beyond. In addition, we work closely with various conservation authorities, health units and other agencies to assess the physical, environmental and social impacts of proposed changes. We work on behalf of landowners and property developers to ensure all pre-approval processes, site plans and studies are complete.

“I love finding solutions to help people develop their property and I always say to them, ‘I’m not going to take you down that path unless I think you have a good chance at being successful.’” Tracy Zander


Project involving rural land severances and minor variances:
“Tracy, you and the team at ZanderPlan were a pleasure to work with for our recent severance and minor variance applications. Our family was impressed with your knowledge, attention to detail and the extent of your contacts at the county and city levels. Your ability to describe in layman’s terms what is a complex process and get the job done in a timely manner are why we highly recommend you and ZanderPlan to any of our friends.
 Thanks again for great service and helping our family sort through the planning jungle.””

— R.L., Mississippi Mills

Complex development proposal on a rural parcel:
“We want to thank you for your support and expertise. Your queries and creativity at the meeting were wonderful. You certainly served us well. I do hope that our paths cross in the future and know that we will recommend you to everyone.”

— A.B., Mississippi Mills